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Fall 2023
Woodway Campus
The Rise of Neo-Marxism

Dr. Ben Young
September 9th & 16th, 2023  •  9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

In recent years, the world has witnessed the resurgence of an ideological movement known as Neo-Marxism. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Neo-Marxism’s origins, principles, and implications, all through the lens of Evangelical Christian thought. Participants will explore the historical context, core tenets, and societal impact of Neo-Marxist ideologies, with a focus on how they interact with and challenge Christian beliefs and values.
This course is designed for individuals with an interest in understanding the rise of Neo-Marxism and its relationship to Evangelical Christianity. Pastors, church leaders, students of theology, and Christians seeking to engage with contemporary social issues from a biblical worldview will find this course particularly relevant.
Join us on this intellectual and spiritual journey as we explore the Rise of Neo-Marxism and its implications for Evangelical Christianity. Together, let’s gain insights to effectively address the challenges of our times with grace, truth, and compassion rooted in the timeless teachings of Christ.
$100 Early Bird registration
Woodway Campus @ 6400 Woodway Drive
(Classroom TBA)
Theistic Arguments

Dr. William Lane Craig
October 23-27, 2023  •  2:00 - 5:00 PM

Join Dr. William Lane Craig as he takes you through some of the top arguments for the existence of God. Anyone in the world can join us through Zoom or in person to learn from one of the world’s leading apologists. You will learn about some of key arguments for the existence of God, like cosmological arguments and the design argument. Non-students are welcome to join us at an affordable price.