Grow deeper with God.


Deeper with God.

Expand your mind.


Your Mind.

Change the world.


the World.

What Is HTS?

Houston Theological Seminary is a partnership between Second Baptist Church and Houston Christian University that combines the highest caliber of theological education with practical ministry training.

“Houston Theological Seminary exists to equip students to have a firm theological understanding that will spill out of the classroom into the world to impact your sphere of influence for Christ.”

Enroll in a degree program or just survey classes to broaden your knowledge and ability to serve.

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Who is it For?


Students will take classes for Graduate level credit. Currently, HTS offers two graduate degrees - the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership.

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Anyone can survey the classes without taking exams or turning in papers but simply to broaden your knowledge in theology, leadership, or communication and be fully equipped for ministry. Please note that any courses taken as a surveyor will not count for credit in the future either.